The Hottest Brand New Asian Pornstars

The porn industry is thriving right now, and young girls are hitting off their careers. Thanks to social media and quarantine, fans got familiar with the new pornstars 2022 pretty quickly. All of those girls are extremely dirty-minded and they like pushing their limits every time they shoot a scene. The following article is dedicated to the newest Asian porn stars, and we’re not talking about the censored ones. Those hot chicks like going all out, and they aren’t shy in terms of posing and coming for the cameras. 

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The hottest Asian porn stars 

Rae Lil Black 

She has one of the biggest sex drives you’ve ever met, and she’ll be down for anything, from cuddling with you to you screwing her brain out. As long as it ends up with her having a strong orgasm, she’s down for it. Rae entered the porn industry in 2018, and in those 4 years of experience as an adult actress, she has gained quite the fanbase, placing her in 32nd place on Pornhub, which is quite high, given the number of porn actors, 

This naturally thick babe has huge tits and a round butt to match them in every way possible. Being that thick comes with some serious advantages, especially during foreplay, where she gets to bounce her tities and shake her ass until all the guys in the room get some expected, a bit awkward boners. One thing’s for sure, Rae loves all the attention she’s getting, and she doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon. 

Vina Sky 

Vina is all about showing off her fit body in minimalistic clothing on social media, which often violates the policy and her pics are taken down. But, that doesn’t stop her. Instead, she’ll post an even racier pic that will attract some attention. When she’s not on social media, she’s on set, filming yet another great porn video where she pushes her limits and boundaries once again. Her fit body entered her into the porn industry, but her dick-sucking skills are what made her a famous porn star. She’s taking those huge cocks like a champ, without a single gag!

Vina loves comics and cosplay, and she tries to combine her favorite activities with the porn she films. So far, she’s doing a great job, and since 2018, she managed to be featured in over 220 popular movies, so you must’ve stumbled upon her at a certain point. If you haven’t already, have you ever seen good porn? Go ahead and check her out. 

The Hottest Brand New Asian Pornstars

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Jasmine Grey

Her fit body allows her to bend and twist while in cowgirl, and it also allows her to pull off some of the hardest poses in the sex industry with ease. She’ll have her feet above her head in seconds, while her thighs are touching the bed. Jasmine started off as a nude model, and she liked it a bit too much, after a while, she tried herself out in the adult industry, and that’s how a star was born. She was destined to do this, and you can be the judge of that if you open up your incognito tab after reading the article. 

This Asian babe was featured in over 50 movies, and she’s collaborated with some household names that you’re well familiar with. Once the cameras start rolling, Jasmine gives her very best performance that will raise her higher on the Pornhub pornstar rank, where she currently positions herself in 141st place. She still has a lot to go, but that’s only inspiring her to be freakier and better than ever before. 

Aria Lee

Aria is a petite Asian hottie brought to you straight from a cover page of a men’s magazine. Her small frame is paired with handful-sized tits and a round bootie that get smacked around on set until it’s as red as her flushed face after a toe-curling orgasm.  She likes it when she has full control over the situation, but she can get pretty submissive once the cameras start rolling, under a strong, male arm. Fans are loving her, and her skills place her in the top 200 porn stars on the most viewed platforms. 

Besides experiencing mindblowing orgasms that will have her legs shaking for days, Aria loves traveling and experiencing different cultures. Who knows, maybe she’ll even try out the local guys while she’s on the spot. The pleasure will surely be mutual. Either way, Aria has been active for a while now, and she only plans on going forward with her career, improving her skills, and having an even bigger sex drive. As she’s staring at the camera while getting railed, you’ll only feel your mouth getting wide open and your dick getting harder than ever. She definitely deserves a bit of your attention, so check her out.