The Craziest Things You’ll See In Sex Game Shows From The Far East

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all witnessed some crazy videos while searching for porn. I know I have and even though I’ve experimented with different types of porn content, I’m still in shock when I come across some crazy
sex game shows coming from the Far East. I’ve considered porn something that can’t get any crazier than it is but when I took some time to check out these game shows, I was totally stunned.

I have been hiring escorts since my early twenties but I never actually did research to satisfy all my wildest fantasies. I’ve picked escorts based on their looks only and I didn’t even bother looking at which services they
have to offer. When I came across these kinky sex shows, I wanted to try some of the things I saw there. I knew I had to read a couple of before I made my decision because my needs became hyper-specific. I managed to find a couple of escorts willing to do the things I was interested in, so I kept their phone numbers if I ever found anything
kinky I wanted to try.

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When it comes to the crazy sex game shows coming from the Far East, the more I watch these shows, the crazier things I see. Even though I’ve discovered these game shows only recently, I’m completely blown away
by the things I’ve seen so far. To be honest, I got addicted to watching these shows because I can’t even imagine what I’ll get to see!

The Human Slip And Slide

Although this game show doesn’t really include sex or anything too kinky, I thought it was worth mentioning.

The idea is that middle-aged men run and try to slide over as many oiled up girls in bikinis as possible. The goal is to slide as further as possible but I really can’t wrap my head around the fact why would anyone do that.

I’ve watched the human slip and slide numerous times and seeing a bunch of oiled up girls getting grabbed by middle-aged men while pulling themselves across them was as weird as I thought things could get.

Handjob Karaoke

This is, I think, the first kinky sex show I came across that comes from the Far East. At first, I didn’t realize what was happening but when I looked closer, I realized that the girl standing next to the guy singing was
playing with his manhood, making it harder to sing and remember the words.

This sex show didn’t get me aroused as much as it entertained me, and watching guys trying to sing while a sexy babe gives them a handjob couldn’t get any funnier! The idea is to get a few singers and the girls are
there to distract them as much as possible. The singers need to do their best and sing as well as they can to win one million yen. A pretty great prize given the fact that they enjoy a handjob from sexy girls while doing
what they love.

Orgasm Wars

“Orgasm Wars” is definitely the craziest sex game show I came across in some time. I found it by accident while I was looking for more crazy sex game shows from the Far East and found it on one of the sex sites that covered this topic. The name was kinky enough and I had to see what it was all about.

Basically, the show revolves around one straight guy and one gay guy. The point is to challenge the straight guy when it comes to his sexuality. He has to endure a blowjob for a certain amount of time without ejaculating
while the gay guy gives his best to make him realize that even a male can satisfy him orally. In my opinion, it’s one of the craziest sex game shows from the Far East.

Of course, there are a lot more sex game shows out there and all of them revolve around humiliation and weird fetishes. Some include gross bugs, some include having your opponents ass pushed against your face and
some even include kissing anonymous asses to see which one belongs to your girlfriend and which doesn’t. All in all, there are tons of freaky and weird sex game shows from the Far East and I can’t imagine what kind of
sex show will emerge in the future.