Best Asian Pornstars of 2021 – Most Popular & Hottest Asian Babes

Granted, there are many gorgeous women working their asses off in the adult entertainment industry and most of them are gorgeous, but these chicks just take it to the very next level. We took into consideration their

  • Hotness
  • Mainstream crossover appeal
  • Work ethic
  • Accomplishments
  • Potential

… and several other criteria, of course. We won’t bore you with details since it’s THE time for you to discover the best babes that are going to shine the brightest all throughout 2021 (and beyond, hopefully!).

Rae Lil Black

For all intents and purposes, Rae Lil Black remained one of the most in-demand Asian pornstars for quite some time now. She manages to combine cuteness with genuine lust which is why she never actually lost the connection with worldwide audiences throughout such tiring times. Obviously, you should not let her adorable exterior fool you because this lady right here is into some of the freakiest shit you can possibly imagine, including extreme anal dilation and breath play.

Whenever she loses the top spot, her pursuit to take back what’s rightfully hers is going to be totally mesmerizing. Rae Lil Black firing on all cylinders and trying to reclaim her place atop the industry is going to be unforgettable. We are sure of it.

Vina Sky

Vina’s lust for popularity and recognition put her on a collision course with several women, but she always came out on top. Slowly but surely, she became one of the most recognizable faces in the adult entertainment industry. She, of course, has the potential to become THE generation-defining porn actress, akin to someone like Sasha Grey or Riley Reid. Won’t be the first time an Asian pornstar broke the proverbial glass ceiling!

Anyways, what is there to appreciate about Vina Sky, one might ask? First and foremost, her body is tight. Her face is exceptionally pretty. Her repertoire is broad and her on-screen demeanor is very charismatic. She’s also fearless and kinky as fuck, so that’s something to take into consideration while talking about her.

Jasmine Grey

The gaunt yet gorgeous hottie right here describes herself as “cock-obsessed.” She entered the industry to confront her deepest and darkest desires. Aside from her stupefying addiction to hard penises, Jasmine is big into voyeurism, live cam sex video, spycam action, and all the other stuff that you can find on Cams Vids TV. She’s not been very secretive about her ever-growing list of closely related fetishes, so folks back at already managed to create a special list of vids dedicated solely to Jasmine.

According to some sources of our own, Jasmine is currently considering doing a FULLY EXCLUSIVE scene for the above-mentioned site. Can’t wait to see what this unlikely collaboration brings us. The CamsVidsTV x Jasmine Grey exclusive already shapes up to be a 10/10 in our mind!  

Aria Lee

We hate to say it, but Aria is the least “Asian-looking” Asian pornstar on this list. She’s just vaguely exotic at best, but people are known to call her a “white girl” in the past. We are not trying to sound insensitive or anything like that, we’re just pointing out the obvious. Don’t think that us and Aria have some unfinished business that we need to resolve through catty blog posts or something.

Now, let’s move away from all of that and talk about the beauty in question. It’s always a treat to see her get screwed by she has this magnetic on-screen presence. It’s always the little things that she does that make her stand out as a performer. We really think that she’s bound to win countless AVN Awards later down the line.

Lulu Chu

She’s probably the most world-altering thing to come out of Wuhan, China, right? Anyway, Lulu entered the adult entertainment business in 2019, at the age of 19 years old. For a few months, she fancied herself a non-nude model before quickly making the jump into the world of hardcore. We are just so thankful for that sudden change in attitude… Like, you wouldn’t even believe it!

Nowadays, Lulu remains one of the most impressive Asian performers in the world based on the fact that she never seems to stop. She’s always churning out amazing scenes, she’s always interacting with the fans and sometimes even teasing them mercilessly in free hidden cam sex shows… It’s as if she works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.