Asian OnlyFans Models You Should Check Out

Have you ever noticed that Asian chicks are harder to find on porn platforms? Well, if you have a thing for them, it’s time to find different ways of adult fun, because they are making some serious money on OnlyFans. The following article will be strictly dedicated to them, and hopefully, you’ll find the right one for you.

We’ll also mention some girls that have an OnlyFans free account, where they post hot, exclusive content with the main goal to satisfy every need of yours. If you want to give them your approval and support their growing business, make sure you leave them a nice tip for the hard work. 

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Asian OnlyFans Models


This petite Asian babe is really into cosplay. There are tons of photoshoots on her account to prove that, and once you take a sneak peek into her profile, you’ll be left craving for more. Her small frame is paired nicely with regular-sized tits and a perky butt. They go perfectly with every combination she wears, especially those revealing lingeries she owns. 

Currently, this Asian hottie has two main accounts to her name. One of them is completely free of charge and it’s a great way to test the waters first. The other one is a premium account where she posts regularly nude selfies and full-length videos. The monthly fee is 15 bucks, but it’s worth every penny.


Another tiny Asian, but this one comes with a twist. Her big tits will leave you with your mouth wide open. They are double Ds and absolutely huge. They go pretty nicely with her petite, fit body, and make her figure stand out even more. Other than that, Iris is your regular Asian chick that loves getting wild in front of the camera. 

For only 5 bucks a month, you’ll witness those huge tits jumping up and down in many of her full-length videos, and you’ll be able to DM her with a request of your own. Make sure you send a generous tip, that way you’ll get noticed faster. There are 850 posts on her account, with some hot girl on girl action, solo play, using toys, and tons of POVs. you won’t be left disappointed. Did we also mention that she has a free OnlyFans account where she posts hot content as well?

Mila Pan

A sexy Korean babe found her way on our list of hot chicks, and for a good reason! She’s the sexiest Korean you’ve ever seen, with the perfectly round butt, and huge, firm tits. Hurry up, as she is offering a discount on her profile. The first month is only 3.50 bucks, and you’ll gain instant access to all of her content which is plenty. After that, the regular price is just under 10 bucks a month. 

While Mila works hard on providing new content for the followers, you can easily keep yourself occupied with her existing content. Currently, there are 366 hot pics and 24 full-length videos that will leave you all sweaty, panting, melted into your chair. No wonder she has that huge fanbase! Mila is set to dominate the platform.

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Putri Cinta

She’s a mixture of African and Asian, which means she only inherited the best from both worlds. Tanned skin, thick black hair, curvy, yet petite body, and exotic overall looks. Putri is one of the top creators on OnlyFans when it comes to producing homemade full-length videos that are exclusively found there. Her content cannot be found anywhere else, and it includes blowjobs, anal sessions, girl/girl action, solo play, and lots of squirting.

Putri has a discount of 75% for the first month when the fee is just above 3 bucks. For that, you’ll be able to see her 1.3K existing posts and many more to come.  After the 28-day trial is over, you’ll pay around 13 bucks to see this exotic babe getting down and dirty in front of the cameras.


Last but not least, we have another exotic-looking Asian on our list. She simply goes by the name Peach, which pretty much describes her perky peach-shaped butt. This Asian babe is definitely not shy in front of the cameras. She’ll pose fully nude and still give that confident, somewhat slutty look directly to the camera, staring you down as you’re getting off on her. It’s impressive what she can do to you in just a couple of minutes.

Her account is completely free of charge, and once you smash that subscription button, you’ll be able to enjoy her nearly 1K naughty pics and 78 full-length videos. One thing’s for sure, Peach is going to rock your world and empty your balls, so make sure you tip her well for the hard service.