A Feast from the East

You may have heard that the west is best, but there’s a lot to be said and more to be played with if you head east, where some describe Asia as a paradise for sexual tourism. While the west has held onto its glorious reputation, the east is the least theory has proven to be a misnomer, maybe an attempt of misdirection so some greedy little fuckers (quite literally) can keep all the fun to themselves. 

Well, this article is about to shatter that misconception and introduce you to the feast from the east. Below are some of the hottest Asian girls on set right now and they are eagerly waiting for your attention. 

Sex has always been quite taboo in Asia, but young single women have seen the opportunity in pleasuring foreign visitors in secret, but now that the industry has become so popular, they have pulled down the curtain and their knickers to give you a glimpse of that early sunrise from the comfort of your wank station. 

Be it cam girls, movies, escorts or mail order brides, you’ll be convinced by the Asian persuasion

The 5 Hottest Asian models Ready to make you squirm:

  1. Jade Kush

Jade is a young 23-year-old model. Her porn debut was in 2017 and since then she has appeared in a number of notable movies, including “Team Dream” and “Asian Fuck Faces”.  Some of her best assets include her natural 32 DD boobs, which won “best boobs” at the ‘2019 Nightmoves awards. 

She is sometimes available for private hire as a cam girl, which raised her Instagram following quicker than you can get a hard-on, maybe. 

Jade most enjoys cosplay porn – she likes to dress up before stripping off for you, and VR Porn, so you can really connect with her during screenplay. Be sure to check her out.

  1. Kimberly Chi 

In Asia, Chi is the concept of energy, the unseen life force that martial art experts and Tai Chi wizards try to harness and master, but Kimberly Chi is a force in her own right and she is not easily tamed. This little rebel has a thirst for kinky fetish play and has won a number of awards showing off her talents. These include “Hottest Newcomer” at the AVN Awards.

At just 29 this cute little number has been the centrepiece in more orgies than a crowd surfer at Woodstock. You can check out some of her work at “Storage Whore Orgy”, which won an award for the best scene at the 2017 XBIZ Awards. 

  1. Ayumi Anime

There is only one word that perfectly describes Ayumi: beautiful. She has the face of an angel, but don’t be fooled, she is far from being as innocent as she looks. Ayumi is into girl on girl action but lets men play with her two, after all, she is a Libra, which means she is all about balance. 

Ayumi has a small frame with a modest b-cup boob size, but they are pert and fall perfectly, right into your mouth. She was nominated as “Web Star of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ awards and has made several movies like Gamer Girls. Believe it or not, but Ayumi started her career in traditional modelling but got bored of photoshoots with her clothes on. Now, she receives more attention than a squad on parade and let’s be honest, everyone rises to the occasion when she’s on-screen. 

  1.  Vina Sky

Sky’s career took off faster than a Concorde in a hurry. She started her career in porn at just 19 years of age. She was one of the young models that looked even younger, starring in movies like Barely Legal: 164 Babysitters Facials, which really raised her profile and several penises too. Vina has won awards like the “Rising Star” and “Orgasmic Oralist” at the 2019 Urban X awards. 

Vina claims that she loves looking small and innocent because it adds to her shock value when she gets down and dirty with a huge dick. She is one to watch, just remember to clean up after yourself when you’re done. 

  1. Eva Yi

It is rare to take sight of Eva without there being a dick in her mouth. She confesses that she needs a dick lodged in her throat at all times and loves the idea of being molested in her sleep. Porn is just a way for Eva to explore her sexual fantasies and you can thank her for sharing that privilege with you. 

Eva started porn at 19 years of age and was fully established as a teen model by 2019. She loves to dress up and play on her young appearance. One of her most famous movies “Let Dr Hartley fix all your problems” really showed off her kinky nature and it was widely celebrated for its seductive power with famous model Nina Hartley. 

So, there you have it, the Feast from the East. Don’t miss out on this Asian buffet, there’s no denying that you’ll go back for sloppy seconds.