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What's so special about Japanese and Korean Porn?

If you've ever watched at least one, you know it's different. Japanese porn (also known as JAV - Japanese Adult Video) is part of their culture, connected to pornographic Manga and Anime Hentai and heavily shaped by censorship law. So there're censored and uncensored JAV porno movies, different fantasies and fetishes and strange story plots and places for sex. In porns you will almost always see hairy pussy, groping of breasts, no tattoos, vibrator tease instead of oral sex and the Japanese girls' moan sounds like she is crying instead of "Ooooo, Ahhh, Oh Yeah, Ummm, Ahhh, Ooo, Oh Yeah". More use of usual and exotic sex toys, more BDSM, situations like young girls in a bus, college girls with tight asses in school skirts, bukkake in an office in Tokyo, anime cosplay, gokkun, omorashi, sex TV shows... Also girls in porn (known as AV or A/V girls) look more obedient and submissive, and man is always dominant so if you have heavy yellow fever this is the right place for you.

And in South Korea producing and disseminating pornography is illegal (you can just imagine status of porn and punishment in North Korea), so when you watch some good sexy product from there appreciate it. They are not just fucking for you, they are putting on line both their pussies and freedom. Then again, jail porn is also a good thing... Anyway, I'm sure we'll see more of K-Porn and KAV in future. For now there is amateur material known as YaDong (or Yahan Dong Young Sang, original 야동 or 야한 동영상), and the rest is closer to the west taste than Japanese porn.

Do words love doll sex, timestop/freeze time/hypno porn, blow up doll and real human love doll have special meaning for you? Want to learn how to take care of your doll, or what are the best accessories? You have all of that and more at the Sex Doll Porn HD site.


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